In January 2017, five of us (Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan, Steve Davidowski, Andy West) decided to meet up and play some of the old tunes just for fun. We had a blast doing this, and started talking seriously about playing together again as the Dixie Dregs! Our shared history goes way back in time. For some of us, that reaches as far back as high school in the early 70’s! The synergy we felt playing together again, and our shared love of the songs, made us all think it would be worthwhile and possible. This is what subsequently led to our ‘Dawn of the Dregs’ reunion tour which took place in 2018. 

We decided to focus on the Free Fall band that had the first real record deal, though from that first incarnation some incredibly great musicians have been part of the band’s legacy. Those who performed live and on recordings other than Free Fall include Jerry Goodman, Dave Larue, Jorden Rudess, and Mark O’Connor. Sadly, our other two keyboardists, Mark Parrish and T Lavitz, are no longer with us. But Mark’s playing on ‘What If’ and ‘Night of the Living Dregs’, and T’s unmistakable sound on every Dregs album since, certainly keep their memories alive.  

There are many user created videos on YouTube if you missed it. (Some are pretty good, some not so much..but c’est la vie, right?)  

We are very thankful to be able to bring the music alive once again. So We Thank You!

Top picture taken in 1977, bottom one in 2017!